14 Signs & Symptoms of Radical Spiritual Ascension

Signs of Spiritual Ascension Rising - Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy - the law of attraction

Signs of Spiritual Ascension Rising - Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy - the law of attraction

In my previous article, “The Fantastic Roller-Coaster Ride through Ascension,” I talk about what’s currently going on for us collectively.

We are experiencing intensely higher energetic frequencies throughout all of humanity. Lower energies are being flushed out of our soul and body systems to make room for the new. Higher frequencies are streaming into our realities transforming us into the higher versions of ourselves.

These changes can be extremely stressful on our bodies and can interrupt life as we know it. For a while you might not feel like yourself. You’ll be on unfamiliar territory because your energy has never been so high and lovely.

That’s okay though because you are transitioning from your Lower Self to your Higher Self. It’s all for a higher purpose and we are receiving tremendous benefits from ascension at the same time.

We are purging massive amounts of lower energies (fear, violence, corruption and hate) from our energetic bodies. The lower vibrations are being replaced with higher vibrations (love, happiness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and oneness). We’re not used to feeling loved unconditionally.

Yet, in this time it will be easier than ever to feel love radiating from within ourselves. These frequency upgrades cause quite a stir in our systems as they prepare to take on and integrate the higher loving energies. We just have to ride the wave and it will carry us along to solid grounding.

When all is said and done, we’ll be vibrating within these higher loving frequencies and living the lives that we came to this planet to experience. In the meantime, I’ll give you an idea of what to expect. That way, you will be better equipped to hop on that wave and ride it victoriously!


14 Signs & Symptoms of Spiritual Ascension

During ascension, your senses are extremely heightened. Your chakras are adjusting and coming into balance rapidly. This is why your body will feel uncomfortable as your energy is ascending. The following are possible signs and symptoms, you may experience as you are going through ascension…


1. Sensitivity to noise. Sounds at normal volume may become much louder to your ears. Even if you are a “people person,” you may feel the need to be alone to feel more peaceful and centered.

2. Hearing voices. You are able to hear voices even when you are physically alone. You may even hear your name being called out to you.

3. Seeing the number patterns 111 and 1111 repeatedly. These number patterns are signs of ascension from the angelic realm. They are positive messages that your desires are manifesting as your frequency is ascending higher and higher.

4. Chakras activating and opening suddenly, especially the heart chakra. You may feel as if someone is hugging you or sending you love. You may feel that you are one with everything in the universe.

5. Having auras appear around people when you look at them. Auras are a part of an energetic body. We all have an aura. Yet, they are usually unseen by untrained eyes. Now that your spiritual eyes are opening, you may begin seeing auras without even trying.

6. Visions of orbs, planets, beings and things from other dimensions. The heavens are energetically opening up for you. You may now be seeing spirits, angels and guides.

7. Receiving divine downloads, insights and knowledge that you can understand and apply. You may have lucid dreams. Or you might be astral traveling in your dreams. You may wake up knowing more than you knew before.

8. Feeling aches and pains in your body. Bodily symptoms can range from slight headaches, to dizziness, digestion issues, blurry eyes, seeing cloudiness or a haze, neck/shoulder pain, back aches or inflammations.

9. Increased psychic abilities. You know things that you can’t logically explain knowing. Your intuition is extra sensitive and it is accurate in what you are sensing.

10. Feeling unconditional love for yourself. Putting your needs first on your “to-do” list. Genuinely following your heart and doing the things that make you feel happy.

11. Experiencing totally random mood swings. Collectively, every possible emotion is intensively bubbling up for transformation. You can feel the emotions of others around you even when you aren’t interacting with them. You may feel super blissful one moment (rainbows, butterflies, puppies and lilies). Then your feelings can drop all the way down to the gutter (deep depression, loneliness and sadness).

12. Electronics begin to malfunction. You are energy—literally. Your frequency is quickly rising higher. This tends to cause electronics, mobile devices and computers to act up. Lights may flicker or burn out. Electronics may become temperamental or stop working.


I have a nearly new TV and an even newer media player. Both have been working fine until recently when I started going through ascension. Once in a while the media player has some type of interference going on. It makes a loud sound and the TV screen flickers while it is running. It happens for a short while. Then it starts working like normal again. I decided to record it so I could share it with my readers…

(music added for dramatic effect)


I’ve also noticed that in certain rooms the lights flicker when I enter the room. This has happened several times. It’s a very interesting phenomena to witness. I think to myself and laugh, “There goes my energy again!”

13. Spontaneous miraculous experiences. Long-held desires and wishes are suddenly manifesting for you without any extra effort. This happens more and more as you are ascending.

14. Questioning everything. Soul-searching thoughts run through your mind. You think things like, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing now as my life purpose?”


Easing Your Way Through Spiritual Ascension

Physical activity will greatly help to ease any symptoms of ascension. Walk, jog, run, jump, wiggle or dance. As you move your body around, you allow energy to flow freely. You’ll also receive a refreshing release of energy that wants to flow through your body. Meditation also helps a lot. Just focus on your breathing and feel gratitude for exactly where you are in this moment.

Being creative is another form of relief. Doing things like:  drawing, journaling, writing or crafts is an excellent want to feel grounded. Express yourself, be playful and really have fun with it! This connects you to grounding frequencies that make you feel oh so good in your body.


One Love,

Goddess Trinise

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