7 Seductive Secrets of an Ultimate Soulmate

The Law of Attraction - Happy Black Couple - SoulmatesLove hopefuls want to jump carelessly into a soulmate relationship as fast as possible. But that usually backfires. It definitely doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

The reason for this is that love seekers want a soulmate so that they can feel loved. It’s perfectly normal to want to love and be loved. Everybody wants love. But, true love comes from within.

By default, you are already attracting soulmates into your life based on your most dominant emotions. These lovers don’t even realize that they’re already attracting soulmates though. So they breakup and despondently the search for “the one” continues.

But what happens? You put all of your attention and efforts into finding someone else. In your mind, you’ve got to find a new one to get over the one you really miss. So you haphazardly jump into a new relationship.

You cling to hope thinking that things will be different and better this time. Yet, it’s a new face with basically the same situation as with the last person. There are love blocks lurking and they are hindering you from the love you keep seeking. These energy blockages will constantly follow you, from relationship to relationship, like a pesky shadow.

When you’re feeling alone, or your heart is hurting, or you’re feeling needy, you’ll attract a soulmate that keeps you down in those low emotional patterns. You’ll go hopelessly from relationship to relationship, and from new face to new face, yet you’ll still feel lonely. Something will feel out of balance and the struggle will definitely continue. Subtle energy blockages are preventing you from feeling love. It will remain this way until you decide to change it.

There are a few things that must shift within you before you can attract your ultimate soulmate. If you continue doing what you are doing, your relationships will keep disappointing you. Loving people can be all around you but you are subconsiously unable to let love in.

Love blocks are stopping you from feeling the love you crave. Love starved, the way you feel about yourself diminishes too. Your self-esteem is dropping lower and lower because you feel you can’t attract the loving relationships you so desperately want.

You keep getting the opposite of what you want. You want love not just pain. You want cooperation and not struggle. You want a partner not an enemy. The never-ending arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings and the feeling of not being appreciated all become too much! You’re beginning to doubt whether you can even have love at all. Too many love blocks to count! But, the only person who can rescue you and save you from all of that hurt and pain is you.


What’s an Ultimate Soulmate?
An ultimate soulmate is an extraordinary one. No need to change or conform to be accepted. You are completely relaxed in your personality. You are unconditionally loved exactly the way you are. You are both free to be uniquely who you be. You’re fully committed and devoted to each other while you feel a refreshing sense of freedom at the same time.



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The two of you fit together like two perfect pieces of a puzzle. Your minds, bodies and souls harmoniously compliment each other. Your ultimate soulmate is the one you desire to keep in your life long-term because the relationship is supremely fulfilling. You blissfully share many of the same interests. This person just “gets you” without even speaking. You can understand each other with a glance or simple gesture.

There is mutual love, trust, respect and understanding. It’s fun and exciting! You’ll feel whole, blissful, secure and fully satisfied within the relationship. It’s a deeply loving and nurturing partnership.

You feel good just being yourself. You’re totally comfortable in your own skin. Your ultimate soulmate is the person you’ve been fantasizing about your whole life! It’s the happy ending that so many dream about. Yet, few ever experience this high vibrational love because of hidden love blocks.

My extraordinary attraction powers for soulmates are tremendous! I’m absolutely magnetic with desirable soulmate energy. I’ve been proposed to six times so far. One guy that I was dating, proposed marriage to me only one week after meeting me. Another past boyfriend proposed after just two dates. That’s the marvelous power of my own soulmate energy.

I’ve been engaged several times and married twice. Both of my former husbands still very much love me. Ask them and they’ll tell you. My first husband only has one real regret in his life…letting me walk out of his life 13 years ago. I am by far, his greatest love. I always have been and always will be.

Those two pivotal soulmate relationships elevated my understanding of unconditional love. When I did not feel the love that I desired to feel in those relationships, I launched into a remarkably expansive journey in true love. In my heart and mind, I knew with certainty that I was worth infinitely more than the way I was being treated. Incessantly, I began searching for various ways to transform my love life. I started with me and that began to change everything around me.

I am now fully tuned into my divine nature and the radiant beauty of my uniqueness. All of my special attributes are encoded within the energetic vibration I send out into the universe. My feminine energy powerfully draws partners to me who want to commit to me long-term. The quality of loving men I attract is ascending higher and higher as well. It’s something that happens for me automatically. It now feels effortless for me. I’ve had this gift for as long as I can remember.


Let’s talk about your idea of a soulmate…

What do you think of when you hear the word, “soulmate?” What comes to mind? Person who completes me? The perfect person for me? Someone to share my life with? The one who will make me happy? Others are with their soulmate, where is mine? Why am I not with my soulmate? How do I attract my soulmate?

The truth is that we’re attracting soulmates all of the time. You may not have recognized them as soulmates because they didn’t make you feel happy. They didn’t make you feel complete. That’s why you keep on searching. But, there are love blocks on your path. You have to clear these love blocks to be fully open to ultimate soulmate love.

However, you don’t have to chase love. If you want to be happy with your ultimate soulmate, it all starts with you. Everything in life is about relationships. I’ve had many different career paths and diverse experiences (all of which I appreciate for how they have guided me to my current richly, wonderful and loving lifestyle).

Yet, it all comes back to relationships. Most of what we do is in the pursuit of or for staying in love. When your work is done and you’re ready to go home to your loved ones, who will be there waiting for you?


The Ultimate Soulmate: Seven Seductive Secrets

As a Love Attraction Teacher and Coach, it’s truly thrilling for me to help women fall in love with themselves and feel forever loved. Confidentially, I’ve assisted countless female clients in building up self-confidence in their bodies, teaching them powerful and lasting techniques to genuinely love themselves unconditionally and totally transforming their lives from the inside out.

I teach from lifetimes of experience, never from theory. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t work in having a happy love life. I’m exceptionally gifted at what I do. When you radiate love from within, you are an irresistable love magnet drawing your ultimate soulmate to you.


Here are seven of my seductive ultimate soulmate secrets:

1. When you’re with an ultimate soulmate, you feel like you’re enough. You are loved and accepted for being exactly who you are. You do not feel an overwhelming need to change things about yourself to be accepted. Any change you make is because you genuinely choose to. You make changes in your own life for just yourself and not for anyone else. You can be totally comfortable and loved just for being you.

2. Tedious effort is not your friend in your lovelife. When it comes to attracting love, less is more. Care less what your potential partner is doing right now. Instead, put your energy into clearing any blocks that you have to receiving love. You know you have love blocks when you are not receiving the love you crave. There are love blocks when you keep seeing the same negative patterns over and over again. Turn your focus within and work on yourself. Clear those love blocks and your love life will become rich and fulfilling.

3. Boost your self-respect to another level. First, you have to see yourself as a person who is worthy of being loved. You have to care about the way people treat you. If you like the way you’re being treated, tell that person. If you don’t like how that person is interacting with you, then be sure to speak up for yourself. Expressing what you will and will not allow in your life, makes you much more attractive to a soulmate. It shows that you care about yourself and it makes other people treat you better too.

4. Attracting your ultimate soulmate is all about getting into that same vibration. Your feelings matter more than anything. The way you feel is what controls your vibrational frequency. This vibe is a signal that either keeps your ultimate soulmate away from you or closer to you. By the law of attraction, like attracts like. You can consciously choose to get into the soulmate vibration anytime once you know how to do it.

5. Having your own exciting life attracts more of the same. Excitement attracts more excitement. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who has a fun and exciting life? When you are having a good time enjoying your life, you will eventually bump into your ultimate soulmate. It will be a very happy relationship too!

6. Happiness is extremely seductive! Don’t put your happiness on hold while you’re waiting for your soulmate to show up. Get busy doing things that make you feel happy. Your ultimate soulmate draws closer and closer to you the happier you get. The two of you will certainly meet when your energetic vibrations match each other.

7. Your ultimate soulmate is waiting for you. You don’t have to chase a soulmate. Ultimate soulmates want you as much as you want them. But, each of you have to be a match to love and happiness at the same time. When you are both in the same loving frequency, universal forces will harmoniously bring the two of you together.

It is extremely important that you love yourself before you get into intimate relationships with others. The reason for this is that relationships are mirrors for how you feel about yourself. Each relationship will reflect back to you the things you love and hate about yourself. It will seem even more magnified when a lover does this. It will seem like the judgement is coming from them. But, it is not.

These judgements are attached to your energy field. This is why they can only reflect back to you what is already there. So if you hate the way your body looks, then now is not the time to be seeking relationship. Work on clearing your love blocks first. As you open up your heart and energy to love, attracting your ultimate soulmate will seem effortless. Eventually, you will connect with your vibrationally matched ultimate soulmate who will love you for exactly who you are.



About the Author
Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy, “The Law of Attraction Goddess,” is a Spiritual Master Teacher, Love Attraction Coach, International Mogul and Mother. Through her conscious awakening and spiritual ascension, she is richly engaged in an intensive journey of fully embodying her high vibrational divine nature. Trinise’s intentional awareness has allowed her to continuously attract fascinating, synchronistic and enriching life experiences—seemingly by magic.

A celebrated Skillshare teacher and featured Law of Attraction and Business Expert on SelfGrowth.com, Goddess Trinise is masterfully sharing her spiritual talents and insights via speeches, books, courses, podcasts and other media.

She is a prolific thought leader via her own platform on LawOfAttractionGoddess.com candidly expressing herself, sharing her extensive knowledge, providing encouragement especially to women and spreading love to the world.

Goddess Trinise is the creator of Love Attraction Secrets, The Body Love Experience and Ultimate Soulmate Seduction Secrets. To learn how to attract blissful, romantic, forever-love, go to:  Trinise.com and discover her secrets for enhancing your lovelife.

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