Happy Aquarius New Moon: BIG & Fast-Moving Energies

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Can you feel it? Aquarius energy is currently circulating the moon and the entire planet. The New Moon in Aquarius, which begins on January 28, 2017 ushers in beautiful new beginnings.

Think colorful, light, fun, love, happiness and expression. This Aquarian energy encourages us to get into full alignment with who we are on a soul level. It encourages us to simply “be” and to openly express our individuality.

This day also marks the Chinese New Year, known in China as the “Spring Festival,” where the rooster reigns. It symbolizes extremely decisive action, loyalty, commitment and putting things in order.

Chinese tradition comprises a two-week long celebration of entering into a new year with new beginnings (new clothes, fresh haircuts, clean homes, cleared debts and newly painted doors). Fun gift exchanges are part of tradition too. “Lucky money,” presented in small red envelopes, is often gifted to children by family and friends.

During the Year of the Rooster, Chinese homes will be adorned with the vibrant colors of red and gold symbolizing happiness and prosperity. So it’s a very important celebratory time in the Chinese zodiac as well.


Freedom Reigns in the Aquarius New Moon
It’s time to celebrate your individuality. You are not like anyone else. You are a completely unique human being with a spirit and a soul unlike any other.

rainbow flower wall paper - Aquarius New Moon 2017- the law of attraction goddessThese Aquarian cosmic energies support us living in integrity with who we actually are. Toss out ideas and limitations of who others think you should be. It’s not about acting the way other people want or expect you to act.

Personal integrity is about lining up your actions with your beliefs (and not doing anything to the contrary). It’s about being in integrity and living the way that you truly want to live. It’s about doing things that make your heart sing. It’s about living in a way that you don’t have any regrets. You totally embrace and revel in every moment because you’re living the life that you’ve crafted for yourself.

The Aquarius New Moon helps you to feel totally comfortable stepping into the new. You’ll find yourself moving into uncharted territory. You’ll be exploring and expanding in things you’ve dreamed of doing. Extremely fast moving energies are sweeping through the Aquarius New Moon. Expect sudden shifts that lead to BIG breakthroughs positively affecting your reality.

It’s a time for letting your happiness soar to higher heights…
Creating and simply “be-ing” from an inner place of joy.

How happy do you want to be?
How happy are you willing to be?
How soon do you want to be happy?

“Aquarius energies are now supporting your expansion of happiness.”

The Aquarian energies are inviting you to dwell within your soul essence from day to day. You’ll go from an outer focus to an inner focus. You can put your mind to rest. Just allow your soul and heart to guide you. This is a higher state of being to be in. You’ll feel lighter and inspired. You’ll feel hopeful about your future.


Attracting Love in The Aquarius New Moon
rainbow heart - Aquarius New Moon 2017- the law of attraction goddessLove themes of this Aquarius New Moon center around openness to love, transformation and healing through love and having child-like fun. All that’s required is a willingness, within your soul, and you’ll feel these higher energies flowing through you.

With your intention, relationships can be elevated to higher levels of mutual respect. But, it all begins with YOU. How well are you taking care of and nurturing yourself? In what ways are you respecting yourself and not respecting yourself?

As you grow in self-respect, you’ll attract others who respect you in those same ways. So going within is the most beneficial thing you can do. Doing your inner work will bring you fulfilling relationships based on mutual respect. These are relationships (whether they be friends, family, acquaintances or romantic) where all people feel appreciated for exactly who they are.


The Aquarius New Moon and The Law of Attraction
When you feel respected it becomes much easier to openly express yourself to the world. You feel more comfortable being the unique “you” that you are. The Aquarius New Moon sparks increased creativity. You may be feeling especially creative around this time.

You’ll feel free to start new projects and try things out just for the fun of it. Sing if you feel like singing. Dance just because it feels so good! You may want to create art or music. You might feel like writing to express your ideas. Do it! Go for it!!! You’ll feel an Aquarian boost in moving forward with whatever you choose to create, do and express.

This is a wonderful time to focus on a specific thing you desire. Use the Law of Attraction along with this Aquarius New Moon to super-power your manifestations. The more specific, the more power you put behind your intention to manifest it.

First, figure out what you want. Why do you want it? How would it benefit your life? Then gather up images or symbols that represent it. Make a vision board or collection of these symbols to add power to manifesting them. Focus positively on them and imagine them as a part of your life. Do this daily and you’re on your way to attracting them into your life.

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