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For the month of February, we’re in International Boost Self-Esteem Month. On February the 13th, I’m celebrating Self-Love Day along with millions of other self-love ambassadors. And with Valentine’s Day, this week is also famously the month of love.

How many times have you heard the words, “self-love” or “love yourself” or “love your body?” Probably more times than you can count right? But what does that really mean?

Self-love is an energy. True self-love is a dominant, good-feeling energy about yourself. The words you speak do influence your energy somewhat. Yet, your words and your energy vibration can be doing two different things.

For instance: You say that you want to attract love. But, your energetic vibration is simultaneously repelling love in some way. Sure you may be feeling loved on some level. But, it’s your fears (conscious fears and subconscious fears) that are keeping you from fully feeling and expressing the love you truly desire.

So your words and your energy vibration can be contrary to each other. This is definitely happening if you’re not feeling unconditional love flowing. However, your emotions and your energy are actually one in the same.


Self-Love and the Law of Attraction

Your thoughts do have a significant impact on your energy frequency. Your emotions are intertwined with your energy vibration. You most definitely will attract people and situations that match what you are feeling.

The law of attraction simply delivers more of whatever you are feeling. The LOA does not judge you or your love life. Think of it as a universal matchmaker. It just finds what you’re focused on and sends you more of that. It doesn’t matter if it’s what you wanted or not. Your attention to it, and your most dominant feelings about it, are what draw it to you.

Law of attraction simply receives the energetic signal that you are radiating and responds with whatever matches it.


If you are feeling loved, then you will attract more love to yourself. If you’re feeling unloved, then you will attract people and situations that make you feel unloved. When you feel a little bit loved but kind of unlovable too, then you’ll be randomly attracting both kinds of scenarios (the kind that make you select the relationship status “It’s Complicated”).

It works like this all the time, no matter the person or situation. Your energy vibration is exactly linked to the things you attract. And you will attract things based on the way you are feeling (your emotions).


Here’s how it works…

     Emotions + Energy = Energetic Vibration


     Energetic Vibration + Dominant Thoughts = Automatic Law of Attraction Manifestations


Emotions of Feeling Loved + Energy of Feeling Loved = Loving Experiences (automatically brought to you by the Law of Attraction)

Saying that you love yourself is not the same thing as actually being in a state of love. Simply thinking about love is different from radiating love. Feeling loved is the exact same vibration that it takes to attract more love. The law of attraction automatically increases love in your life when you practice self-love.


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Self-Love: The Love Vibration for Attracting Love

Love is a light, happy and harmonious state of being from within. Love is total acceptance. It’s acceptance without the need to change a particular thing about someone. When you love yourself, you fully accept yourself exactly the way you are.

Colorful Day in the Park - Refreshed - Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy - the law of attraction goddessA person flowing with self-love has put away ideas of comparing themselves to others. When you know that you are unique…an individual…special…different, then you can give up the struggle of trying to fit into preconceived ideas of who or what you should be.

Vibrating self-love means that you are completely comfortable in your own skin. You have reached harmony and balance with your inner being. You are no longer striving to be good enough or feel good enough. You already know and feel that you definitely are good enough.

With a healthy amount of self-love, you are willing to give yourself credit for your own accomplishments. You’re proud of yourself for what you’ve done as well as for who you are as a person. You are not swayed by what others say or think about you. You stand strong within yourself. You carry on walking your own unique path in life.

You openly express yourself without cares of other opinions. You set clear boundaries for how you want to be treated and you stick to them. You command respect because you respect yourself.

You bounce back easily from setbacks and challenges because of your solid foundation in self-love. You have deep, meaningful connections and relationships with people who genuinely love and care about you. Your heart is open to love so you effortlessly attract love into your reality.

You’re able to look at the hard-to-love parts of yourself and love them anyway. You love your hardest to love parts, not necessarily because they are perfect or flawless. Nope. You decide to totally accept them anyway because they are parts of you. You fully accept every part of your body and personality because it’s all of the package called “you.”


Choose Self-Love on Valentines’ Day and All Other Days of the Year Too

It’s not just about the words you say about yourself. It’s about how you feel. If you’re not experiencing the level of love or intimacy you want to feel in your life, then it’s time to look inside. All of your relationships are mirrors for what’s going inside you.

On days like Valentine’s Day, so many will be feeling lonely and desperate for love. But those lowly feelings only take you further away from the vibration of love. It really does not matter whether you are married or single. It doesn’t matter if you have a Valentine to call your own or not.

What matters most is how you feel.

Don’t allow yourself to feel sad or depressed on Valentine’s Day. Take charge of your love life by choosing self-love instead. Love yourself enough to devote some time just for you.

Pick one thing that makes your heart sing. Do that on Self-Love Day, Valentine’s Day and beyond. Make a habit of putting love first in your life by loving yourself first.

That’s self-love in action and it absolutely will attract love into your life in many more ways. I’d love to hear about your self-love manifestations. Like this article, share this post and comment below with your own self-love stories.

One Love,

Goddess Trinise

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