Ray of Light Phenomena

Ray of Light Phenomena - Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy - the Law of Attraction

I was sitting on my couch intentionally thinking about all that I have to be thankful for. Years ago, it was hard for me to keep my focus on the positive because I was constantly bombarded with one bad thing after the next.

Back then, I felt like I was constantly going from one crisis to another with no time to recover in between. I was in survival mode all the time. While all this was going on it was extremely hard to feel grateful for more than 2 minutes.

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But my life is so much different now. I’ve been very tenacious and extremely determined about turning my life around. My effords have paid off richly. There are so many good things going on for me right now! I’m surrounded by stunningly beautiful things that I’ve personally hand-selected to my tastes. My home is abundant with love, comfortable, peaceful and so enjoyable. It’s filled with vibrant colors, light and love.

Today, I envisioned this joyful feeling expanding in my experience. My visualization felt totally gratifying for me. I was in a very high vibrational state. Feeling light and joyful, I said a silent prayer and stayed in the the energy of gratitude and appreciation. As I sat there, I could feel my body filling up with more and more happiness. From this feeling, I said a quick general prayer for something that woud add to this feeling.

Not even five minutes later, I looked up to the crown molding of the ceiling in the room. There I saw the most glorious beam of light streaming right into the room. I instantly realized that this was just for me! I brought in this gorgeous shimmering light! I was reminded by God/Source/the Univers of how much I AM loved and appreciated. Wow! What a feeling!!!

One Love,

Goddess Trinise


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