Simultaneous Endings & New Beginnings Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Solar Eclipse - rainbow colors - law of attraction

The fiery New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces is bringing about tremendous change and transformation for humanity as a whole. It marks a cycle of simultaneous endings and new beginnings.

The vibration of the planet is rising higher and higher and we are collectively ascending from the dark and dense 3D reality into the high and happy 5D reality. But we all have choices as to how we handle ascension.

Just as tides and waves effect the movements of the ocean, major lunar events are hugely impacting our minds, bodies and spirits. This has been a month of twin eclipses. It started on February 11th with another solar eclipse on February 26th. Yet, the effects can be felt several days before and after as the wave of this newest powerful solar eclipse comes rolling through.

Seemingly random and strange things are happening to purposely push us out of our comfort zone. Still if you can find a way to keep your spirits up, you can quickly turn things around. Solar eclipses are extremely potent times for rapid manifestations.


How to Deal with Unexpected Changes

I am the QUEEN of the comeback. Hundreds of people have told me how much they admire and are inspired by my tenacity. I am beyond strong-willed, I know exactly what I want, I go for it wholeheartely and I keep going until I reach the goal…whatever it may be.

When I go through any challenge or struggle, get ready to see a stronger and more expansive version of me. I always pull the positive out of every situation. It might look like a “hot mess” while I’m going through it. But, when I get to the other side of the situation, I feel much more powerful and confident in zooming towards my heart’s desires.

My many adversities are the fuel that pushed me towards the mission that I’m doing today… Guiding the collective in rising up to higher vibrations of love, light and happiness. Everything that I’ve gone through has prepared me to courageously lead the way as a Lightworker, Twin Flame and carrier of the Goddess energy (the divine feminine embodiment).

Understand this… Change is neither good nor bad. What really matters is the meaning you assign to the changes taking place. Even more what matters, is how you feel while you are going through the changes.

Your emotions are energetic signals that you’re sending out to the universe. When a change happens, it’s normal to want to resist it and keep things the way they are. But, freak out moments happen from strongly resisting change.

Maybe it’s something unexpected, unwanted or unplanned. Ask yourself, “In what ways does this change benefit me?” Imagine if for the next 10 years you kept buying things and never threw anything away. Things would pile up so much that it would be cluttered and messy in your home.

Livable space would be a big issue. It would be very hard to find things among the clutter. There would be very little room to do anything or store anything. You’d barely be able to walk around! This is why we do “spring cleaning”. Out with the old and in with the new.

Spring time is when we usually walk through the house and evaluate the things we need and the things we don’t. The act of decluttering is the same energetic vibration as telling the universe you are ready for new things to enter your life. When you get rid of unwanted things, you make space for the things you truly love.

The same thing happens with your energy. You have to let go of old thoughts, habits and patterns that are no longer serving you. The same thing applies to relationships too. Many relationships are ending and new ones are beginning. This is what’s occurring collectively on a massive scale right now.

It’s solar eclipse time. Ready or not, big changes are coming! If you resist, you’ll experience very painful and uncomfortable emotions. It’s because those lower energies are no longer compatible with the higher frequencies that are circulating the planet. So we are all being energetically pushed to release the old and clear the way for the new.

Lean into the change. Find a way to be comfortable with what is going on. Resistance creates pain. Acceptance creates ease. You might not like what’s happening in the present moment. But, you can decide that you will embrace it anyway.


Finding Relief During Transformation

We are in a collective cycle of massive emotional upheaval. You’ll definitely be feeling some strong feelings at this time. Even things (from the past) that you think you’ve dealt with will be resurfacing again.

These memories and feelings are coming up for resolution to be finally cleared if you are ready to let them go. If not, they’ll keep repeating in various circumstances and relationships.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is the perfect time to get near water. Water is especially soothing to the body. So you’ll feel great relief by taking sea salt baths, listening to water sounds (like in a water fountain or waterfall) or spending some time relaxing at the beach.


Here’s How to Deal…

Acceptance. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you are feeling. It’s okay to have feelings and express them. It’s called being human. Don’t let anyone discourage you from feeling what you feel. Your life and your experiences are your own. You need to work them out according to your own personality.

Non-judgment. Detach from labeling your emotions as good or bad. Just let the emotions flow through you. Cry when you feel like crying. Or scream or laugh or whatever gives you relief in that moment. It’s just energy that is moving through you. Release it. This helps the emotions to transmute and transform into a higher vibration.

Release. Let go of trying to control what is happening. Remember that resistance brings pain and acceptance brings peace. Letting go of control is not the same as giving up. It just means that you give up the struggle. You allow things to happen naturally the way they are. Releasing is trusting that there is a higher purpose for what is going on in your life.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Take this time to re-connect with your inner being and extract the value out of the situation. What’s good about this change? What things can you do to embrace this? What hobby, or project or activity can you focus on to lift your mood?

Turn your attention to things that make you feel good in the moment. This will quickly raise your vibration up. If you’ve been seeing the change as a problem, then raising your vibration will transform that feeling into openness, opportunity and fortuity.

Your perspective will be from a higher vantage point too because your energetic frequency is higher. So keep your vibration as high as possible. The details of the changes will eventually unfold for you. Just lean into the changes as they come and you’ll see your situation easily transformed.

One Love,

Goddess Trinise


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