Spontaneous Love Infusion

glowing red heart energy love yourself - the law of attraction

The most amazing thing happened to me today. Towards the end of the night, I decided to get a quick little workout in. So I pull out my Pilates maching to do a few sets. I start working out and everything feels good within my body.

I’m making sure that I’m paying attention to my body and how I’m actually feeling (not what I’m supposed to be doing according to any kind of exercise plan). But, I’m just tuned int what my body truly feels like doing. I’m only focused on what’s honoring of me, how I’m feeling in the moment and what my body needs.

glowing-red-heart-energyAs I’m working out that’s the mode I’m in. Conscious awareness of my body and being totally in synch with it. I’m feeling every motion and mindfully breathing deeply with each of the exercises. I’m taking my time (not just rushing through the sets so that I can feel like I did a workout).

Instead, I’m actually breathing and mindfully nourishing my body with the exercise. It’s all feeling really refreshing. I do a few sets and then I decide to rest in between.

My Pilates maching is made in a way that I can fully lay down on it. So, I’m laying down just resting…breathing…enjoying my breath. I’m meditating and as I’m laying there, I slip into a very deep meditation. I close my eyes and relaxed into it.

I’m calmly laying ther when all of a sudden, I feel my heart energy opening up wider and wider. While this is happening, I’m intuitively feeling into my body. I could feel a large, intense, BIG and beautiful infusion of love flowing into my body. The loving energy was coming up, all through my body and out. All of this love was radiating out of me and it was the most amazing feeling ever!

I just laid there for…who knows how long? Time seemed to stand still. Not even sure how long I was laying there. But, I just kept breathing while I laid and reveled in the loving feeling.

I kept feeling my heart open more and more. As this was happening I felt so much love in my body. I felt total gratitude for this phenomenal body of mine. I moved from a place of feeling gratitude for my physical body to going one hundred perent internal. I was fully connected with my spirit (my higher self). I felt total appreciation for my body from a soul level and who I AM and for my essence.

It was transcendent! It was absolutely transformational. So amazing! I just kept laying there until I finally felt like my body was in a releasing state of total allowance. After that, I didn’t even feel the need to continue to workout.

I was so recharged and so energized. I was doing what felt right for my body and what felt right for me. I got up, laid on the sofa for a while and kept enjoying this blissful love energy that flowed through me. It was just like love was pouring all over me (in me, through me, around me, out of me and everywhere).

There are wonderful, amasing benefits to loving yourself. Anything is possible! The most phenomenal things are possible. It will probably show up for you in different ways because everybody is different.

Yet, the energy and experiences that you can open up to, when you truly love yourself, are transformatinal. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you’re doing or what you’re not doing. I does not matter what you’ve achieved or what you haven’t achieved.

If you simply decide that you’re going to love yourself, and you take that journey to keep loving yourself no matter what, you’ll get to a place where the external doesn’t even matter anymore.

You’ll go totally inside of yourself and truly LOVE who you are in your very being. It’s so wonderful and I want that for you to (if you want it).


This is just the beginning of my love expansion. I can sense that this has opened up a whole new loving world for me. I’ll be sharing more of that with my audience right here on: LawOfAttractionGoddess.com and Trinise.com.


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