The Fantastic Roller-Coaster Ride through Ascension

Roller Coaster Ride - Signs of Spiritual Ascension - Goddess Trinise - law of attraction

Roller Coaster Ride - Signs of Spiritual Ascension - Goddess Trinise - law of attractionOur planet and all of humanity is in the process of raising its collective energy fields. Very good news! This is something our souls have divinely orchestrated to occur during this time.

There are massive amounts of lower energies (fear, violence, corruption and hate) that are being consciously purged from the world as we know it. Higher energies (love, happiness, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and oneness) are abundantly streaming in right now.


Old lower energies are falling away to make space for the higher energies.

This energetic cleansing is happening through a process called ascension. Ascension means to “climb,” “to travel up” and “to go higher.” Over a month ago, a build-up of higher solar eclipse energies occurred which recently peaked on March 8-9th.

The super new moon energies together with those of the solar eclipse have changed us humans permanently and in positive ways. We have access to higher levels of consciousness right now at this moment. We simply have to embrace these changes and co-create within these higher energetic frequencies.

Trying to remain and function in the lower energies will be intensely painful at this time. For a smoother transition, you must be willing to ascend to your higher self. Your higher self is the real you. It is the authenticity of your being. The life you’ve known up to that point has been as your lower self which is really an illusion.

Imagine walking into your closet and looking for an outfit to wear. You see something that you want to put on and grab it. It’s an outfit you’ve worn before and you really like it. It’s comfortable and familiar to you.

You put it on. Then all of a sudden, you notice that your clothes are too tight. You can barely button your blouse and your pants won’t even zip up.

Now you can struggle all you want. But, the clothes just don’t fit anymore. If you try to force the buttons or the zipper, your clothes will tear.

It’s time to put on a new outfit (one that fits the “you” that you are right now). The old clothes represent lower energies. The new clothes represent higher energies through ascension.

You always have a choice though. You can go against these energetic changes or you can soar up higher with them. Choosing the higher vibrational frequencies will definitely take you to a happier place.


The Twin Flame Mission in Ascension

There are souls who have agreed to be a part of the rapid ascension process prior to their incarnations here on earth. These include twin flames, soul mates, angels, guides, lightworkers and ascended masters and those who contribute to their missions. Such loving beings have volunteered to use their divine gifts and talents to serve humanity. We encounter them throughout our lifetimes to assist us in our life purposes. They are all high vibrational beings.

Twin flames play a large part in ushering in global ascension. These twin pairs are similar to soul mates in sharing a close energetic connection with another person. However, twin flames are not the same as soul mates.

Soul mates are two different people who are attracted to each other because they have shared a past life intimate encounter. Twin flames are literally one soul incarnated in two separate bodies. Twin pairs have shared many lifetimes together, because they are unconditionally linked to each other, in love throughout all of eternity. It is the yin and yang energies of male and female embodied.

Twin flames share the exact same energetic frequency because they are one-in-the-same. No other relationship compares to a twin flame bond because it cannot be broken energetically—despite time or physical location or even other relationships. Twin flames are forever connected to each other through their heart chakras and experience very similar life experiences until they are reunited. Our world is vibrating high-frequency gamma waves that are fully in support of bring twin flames back together.

During ascension, an energetic exchange happens for loving twin flame souls. As they go about serving the world with their gifts, they authentically step up into higher levels of consciousness that attract their counterpart back to them in union, wholeness and oneness. It is a returning of a divided soul into wholeness. In ascension, the twin flames connect directly to God and channel life-force energies into the world.

This is how twin flames assist the collective in ushering in these healing energies. Then there are those individuals who are along for the ride for where the higher energies are taking them. There are also people who have not fully awakened spiritually and are unaware of what is going on energetically.

When I use the word “mission” relating to twin flames, I am not speaking of some heavy, mysterious, obligation that must be fulfilled. I am describing the evolution of the singular soul which is simultaneously incarnated in two different bodies (a male body and and a female body). This masterful soul is fully aware of its divine mission to come into this life experience as two bodies who will eventually come together in love, harmony and unity. That is the mission that I am referring to.


Ascension and Our Planet

Currently, the protective geomagnetic field around our planet is an open channel. It is allowing high frequency gamma waves to stream in without interference. We are living in a very significant time for the world and all of humanity.

It can also feel chaotic, confusing and painful if you are not aware of what is happening. These powerful frequencies cause major vibrational shifts within our energy fields. This is certainly true for our chakra centers.

The heart chakra is central to circulating the energy necessary to open up to spiritual ascension. Source energy flows in, through the crown chakra, at the top of the head. Grounding earth energies flow up, from the root chakra, at the base of the spine.

Your heart chakra connects higher realms (the heavens) with the lower realms (the earth). The heart center transforms these energies giving them balance. It is the gateway to radiating love.

A balanced heart chakra, translates spiritual information from other dimensions into earthly knowledge that we can understand. These spiritual downloads happen through all of our chakras and is intensely heightened during ascension. When all of the chakras are balanced and aligned it allows you to very easily manifest your desires. As your resistance is low, your power to manifest gets increasingly stronger as ascension takes place.

Some individuals have only been experiencing life through the lower earth chakras. These people will be coming into an open channel of spirituality during ascension. Ascension has opened up the gateway to the spiritual realms which physically impacts the body at the same time. Some of the symptoms may be:  mental confusion, memory loss, vivid dreams, seeing visions, hearing voices, seeing other beings and synchronicities all due to the chakras being activated and opened.

Others, have lived mainly through their upper heavenly chakras. These people will be coming into a more grounded state of being. Some will be physically uncomfortable as their body feels more dense and heavier. They may feel very weird because of these bodily changes—like they don’t belong here on earth. Yet, ascension is bringing the chakras into balance for all of us.


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One Love,

Goddess Trinise

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