The Multiplicity of Happiness

Nasir two three four ducks - Goddess Trinise L. Kennedy - the law of attraction

Earlier we were reading a book about ducks, having fun counting them and making silly duck quacking sounds. We laughed, giggled and had such a good time! We kept that going for a few minutes. Then we went out for a walk around the neighborhood.

On the way home, we saw two ducks standing side by side. We were delighted! We smiled as we watched them waddle around in the street and then onto the sidewalk. Then all of a sudden, a third duck walked up. Right after that, a fourth duck joined in! It was just like we read in the book. Two ducks, three ducks, four ducks…

This is exactly how the law of attraction works. Whatever you give attention to will multiply in your reality. That’s multiplicity! It works the same whether it’s something you want or something unwanted. Whatever you turn your attention to will evoke an emotion in you. That emotion is the exact same thing as a vibration. Your vibrations are what control what comes to you and what doesn’t.

So when you want something, put all of your focus into that. Ignore what is unwanted long enough that it becomes natural. Focusing on good things will always raise your vibration. The more you put your mind onto what you want, the more good that will come to you. Even better, your vibration will eventually get higher naturally so it won’t feel like work anymore!

One Love,

Goddess Trinise



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